I\’ve been quoted in The Observer!

Twice actually 😉

There was a {lively} Facebook discussion in the Global Tech Women group, in response to this casting call for a new cable TV show about women entrepreneurs looking for angel investors.

The discussion really took off, over the age cap in the requirements:

“Are you a female tech entrepreneur looking for venture capital? We’re an established NYC TV production company looking for dynamic women 21-40 for a new series we’re developing for a major cable channel. If you’re working on an app or another tech project and looking for an angel investor, we want to meet you!”

The gist of the Facebook discussion was that women already have such an uphill battle in the tech/VC world, why does the show want to only feature young women? Particularly when every other business \”reality\” show features men and women who are all over 40? – Viewing demographics seems a too facile answer.

At any rate, Sage Lazzaro was listening and wrote an article about it; here\’s the link.

And here\’s my accompanying graphic, to illustrate the Facebook discussion.


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