Navigating the Future

Emerging Technology Strategy & Consulting
AR • VR • XR • AI • Web 3

Linda is a unique mixture of artist, technologist, business woman…her capacity to handle complex tasks and deliver results on schedule is remarkable; her ability to lead and inspire teams to achieve common goals has greatly benefited our organization.”

– Tom Furness, “The Grandfather of VR”

Welcome to the era of limitless connectivity and groundbreaking computing power.

We are witnessing historic shifts in technology that will define our collective future. My mission: To help companies boldly traverse the ever-evolving landscape of emerging technologies (XR, VR, AR, MR, AI, Web 3) — identifying opportunities, creating roadmaps to get there, crafting strategies for market entry, marketing, and monetization that will propel brands to the forefront of innovation.

You’ll often find me passionately sharing insights, analysis and predictions about this dynamic tech ecosystem on influential stages such as TEDx, AWE, IEEE, Facebook Reality Labs and more.

And when I shed my business hat, I dive head first into the immersive world of 3D (AR+VR) art, a canvas of endless exploration and boundless creativity. Join me in this captivating journey, where ideas and inspiration are turned into stunning digital realities.

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