With expertise in business, innovation, branding and digital transformation, I offer a unique perspective.

I specialize in advising executive teams at top global companies, helping them navigate transformational technologies for market success.

I’ve partnered closely with numerous Fortune 200 organizations, providing strategic guidance on direction, marketing, research, and the impact of emerging tech.

I also step in as an interim senior manager, driving targeted initiatives, leading integrated/global/distributed teams, integrating with client teams, and guiding them through digital transformation, typically spanning six weeks to six months.

Prior to that I developed digital strategies for some of the biggest brands out there: Fisher Price, Kraft, HP, Pfizer, and far more – as head of digital strategy for large New York agencies. This rested on experience built at one of pioneering digital agencies, Proxicom, when the internet was still new and we were inventing the industry.

And before that, post-MBA, I launched $50 million worth of physical products onto the global market for two divisions of Avery Dennison (in the Netherlands and in the US).

From leading product launches in large multinationals through to consulting to some of the world’s leading organizations, my experience is based on roll-up-your-sleeves experience.


Strategy Consulting
Workshop Facilitation
Emerging Technology Education
Business Development
Interim Management
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