Sharing thought leadership is an essential part of what I do.

I am frequently asked to speak about Spatial Computing, XR (including virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality) and other technologies converging in the space such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

My presentations cater to diverse audiences, from intimate C-level gatherings to podcasts, large stages to global virtual broadcasts. I participate as a speaker, moderator, interviewer and panelist.


My chapter explores the impact immersive technologies—augmented reality and virtual reality—will have on consumer branding and business in the near and longer term future. Weaving multiple use cases and examples throughout, I discuss the next phase of experiential marketing: how immersive branding will develop as spatial computing becomes more mainstream, and how brands can start thinking about how they can leverage the technology.

I also examine the rise of virtual influencers, how they will affect social media marketing—and how artificial intelligence will ultimately enable true one-to-one interaction with customers through virtual avatars. Finally, I outline and discuss the risks, rules and recommendations for how to successfully proceed as a brand curious about how to best harness the technologies.

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