Reality, Virtually Hackathon

\"\"So stoked….I am going up to MIT Media Lab\’s all day workshop this Saturday, to learn about programming in Augmented and Virtual Reality as part of their Reality, Virtually Hackathon…while I freely admit that a portionĀ of the nitty gritty programming will undoubtedly be over my head, I\’m going to get a crash course and overview of the essential process, by all the companies who are the big players in the space.

I\’m well chuffed, as they say in the UK.

Companies presenting include Unity, the programming language used to create both Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality; Microsoft – who is involved because of the Hololens; Google\’s Tango, which is technology that helps devices understand where they are spatially, and in the world , and others.

Here\’s the full agenda. Don\’t fall asleep šŸ˜‰

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