Starting an AR company!

Excited to announce that after a 20+ year career spent providing strategic direction, thought leadership and operational expertise to global brands, start ups & agencies, I am changing gears…and starting a company in the Augmented Reality space.

Name to still be decided! That might just be the hardest part lol.

The Augmented Reality Platform is comprised of B2B Enterprise Software + a consumer mobile app, targeting the publishing industry.

I have a fair bit of capital promised for the seed round – investors are highly recognized at a global level, and I\’m pulling together an amazing Board of Directors.

This is going to be a fast, big exciting ride – exciting times, and an exciting technology! Really looking forward to this new challenge.

I am looking for a Tech Co-Founder / CTO. And while I can play one on tv, I\’d rather take this ride with an amazing partner whose core competency is doing this stuff and who is excited about being involved with the next wave of technology.

Ideal experience includes:

  • 10 years of Enterprise Software Development Experience
  • Preferably with at least 3-5 in Game Design and Development using Unity or Unreal Engine to build and ship a product
  • 1-5 Medium to Large Projects taken from Requirements Gathering – Commercialization
  • Familiarity with AR application development
  • Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite or Autodesk Suite
  • Familiarity with Android and iOS Development
  • Familiarity with Appstore and/or Google Play integration

This is not a gaming company but experience in game development is a requirement.

Compensation for the seed phase – which should last about 10 months – will be both salary (same as me) + equity…remember it\’s a seed stage startup. I\’d love to have someone in New York (close by), but am really just looking for the right partner.

More info for the right candidate(s).

Reach out if you\’re interested to

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