Developing the Grand Unified Theory

I muse on the intersection of three subjects constantly:

  • Technology: I\’m fascinated by how we use it, interact with each other using it, and how it\’s changing us.
  • Culture: That amorphous, nebulous, indescribable water we swim in.
  • Psychology: Fascinating. How our brains develop and work. Nature vs nurture. Universal stuff inherent to being mammalian animals. Interpreted locally by culture.

In this blog I\’m going to muse and opine on the strategic direction of technology, and where I think it\’s going – based on the key input from the other two subjects (and any others that take my fancy). Crystal ball read. Touch the future.

I\’ve been working in technology-related industries for 18 years or so now, consulting to a variety of companies on how emerging technologies are impacting on their markets – and helping them figure out what to do to stay competitive. It\’s a cool space.

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