It\’s not about the technology, it\’s about people

Here\’s a great presentation ( which got me musing on one of my favorite mental riffs: how it\’s not about the technology, it\’s about understanding human behavior. Which has always been my position. Here\’s why. 

There are a gazillion different start ups, technologies, widgets, gadgets, etc etc – far too many to be able to follow on an individual basis. But if you understand people, their needs, desires, and how they interact – in other words, psychology – then technology just becomes the tool that enables that behavior. And that\’s how the smart brands approach deciding how to leverage what\’s out there.

I\’ve had my fill of clients insisting \”WE NEED TWITTER!\”. Umm, why? Your core market is 55 year old male business travelers staying mid week at your hotel, do you really think they care enough about your brand and the relationship with it to want to hear from you / interact with you on a daily basis?

And inevitably the client then points to Apple as a brand they want to emulate.\”But Apple has 100 millions fans! We want at least 50 million too\”. Really? Do your customers exhibit any of the rabid fandom of the Apple brand? If not, Twitter won\’t convince them. And if they have a really utilitarian relationship with you (as they might, say, if you were a budget hotel that they occasionally stay with when in a podunk town), then maybe, just maybe, they won\’t be interested in \”being your friend\” on Facebook either.

Bottom line: decide what you want to achieve from a business point of view (e.g. attract a new customer segment, retain the ones we have) and THEN decide which of the tools and technologies that are out there are best suited to enhance that objective.

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