Where are you, Dick Tracy? The future form of mobile gadgets

\"\"It\’s no secret I\’ve always wanted a watch phone. Not the least reason being, I\’m constantly losing the \”phone\” (information aggregation device, or \”IAD\” as I like to call it, when in a particularly geeky mood. Not, of course, to confuse with Dulles airport\’s code) that I do I have – attempts at making it easier to find with bright covers and rhinestones nonetheless.

It makes such sense, really, that this precious device which increasingly is our connection to the world, holds our personal data, pictures (memories), entertainment, emails, etc etc should somehow be attached. When this precious device is our payment medium as well (which is coming), it\’s just common sense that we won\’t want to misplace it, or have it easily stolen while it lies on the restaurant table.

Siemens always seems to be on the cutting edge of product design…I watched with fascination back in 2003 when they introduced the \”Xelibri\” line of mobile phones when I was living in London, which they launched through Selfridges (a fashion store, not a \”phone\” store – interesting and intentional category statement there). Personal communication jewelry, necklaces, mostly, from what I saw; not particularly attractive, and definitely too early for the technology to really support the concept; it flopped horribly, but they were on to something. Just, way too early.

So why haven\’t these really taken off yet? Well – cost is one factor. Interface, another.  Battery life – all these things. But with ear pieces, talking is solved; with increasing miniaturization, and private transactions going mobile, it\’s inevitable.

Perhaps, in line with a phone not being a \”phone\” anymore but a new sort of device, we should come up with a new category of what this will be: not a watch, or a bracelet, or even a phone; I\’ll try to come up with some brand spanking new term….in the interim, I\’ll just keep thinking of it as a watch phone. And I want one.

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