Slightly uncanny valley

Wow. So. Uncanny valley…one {really bad} selfie and the Pinscreen app maps my face to a 3d avatar from their library (nb: all the female avatars are ridiculously uber sexed up – no, that\’s not my body).

It follows what my face is doing as well –  with \”AR\” mode my face was mapped to my boyfriend\’s body, with the real room in the background. Amazing how quickly this is all developing; that\’s 3 examples in the last few weeks of technology that can quickly, and sometimes – on the fly, create 3d avatars from existing faces and instantaneously apply realistic, real time motion.

PS you\’d think with all this technology, they\’d at least also have a \”beauty filter\” button.

PPS: If anyone\’s interested in Pinscreen\’s fascinating paGAN technology for photorealistic 3D avatar synthesis from a single picture, this is their video \”Deep Learning-Based Photoreal Avatars\” that they presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 in Tokyo.

[wpvideo wu4HhfVZ]

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