Vanishing tattoos

Temporary tattoo ink that gives you real tattoos for a year. How does that sound? I don\’t have any tattoos! Not a huge fan, largely because of the permanence issue; how can you design something that\’ll be part of you forever? – too much angst for this artist. But this might change my mind: tattoos …

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Practical augmented reality

This is a great example of a practical application of augmented reality (and it\’s not Pokemon Go, although that\’s getting people into shape!): a sign translator, instantly converting signs into a language you can read. These sorts of applications will eventually be built into your car windshield, and overlay automatically while driving.  

Body Stickers

*This* is the future of wearables – the Fitbit plastic wristbands and other variants are merely temporary in between steps to discreet, personal stickers. No larger than a postage stamp and as thin as a human hair, these devices consist of an antenna and thinned near-field communication chip mounted onto a stretchable adhesive.  Disposable, wearable …

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