Our truthy future

I\’m listening to a podcast where they are talking about using interviews with Holocaust survivors as future unalienable \”proof\” to deniers that it actually happened…what I can\’t stop thinking is, with rapidly advancing video editing (and deepfakes) anything we see won\’t be any proof at all. Which begs the question…how will anyone know *anything* they …

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Addendum / Manufacturing and automation

A follow up article  by Technology Review addressing some of the points I touched on in my last blog post,\” Learning to be Human\”. \”Those who would help displaced factory workers need to think much more urgently about how to provide for and accelerate what policymakers euphemistically call “adjustment” for the victims of economic shocks …

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Practical augmented reality

This is a great example of a practical application of augmented reality (and it\’s not Pokemon Go, although that\’s getting people into shape!): a sign translator, instantly converting signs into a language you can read. These sorts of applications will eventually be built into your car windshield, and overlay automatically while driving.  

Lucid trips

This virtual reality \”experience\” (it\’s not really a game) does sound like serious fun…instead of the traditional combat-themed shoot \’em up aggression-based environment, this strives to create an out 0f body experience. The article\’s author says it feels a lot like being Ironman! You\’re floating and sinking and through using your virtual arm and hand positions, …

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