Presenting 3d printing

\"\"Hah! An action shot of me presenting at the Empiricist League about 2 years ago, on the future impact of 3D printing….dug up by a friend of mine.

Proud I am.

I was presenting after George Musser (former senior editor for Scientific American and the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to String Theory) and Chuck Blake (former research scientist at the Laboratory for Computer Science at MIT) – both very hard acts to follow. Yoda was my attempt at humor, following people of that caliber! Eeks!

Think I carried it off 😉

And yes, I really do think 3D printing will change EVERYTHING.

If you\’re interested, here\’s the presentation I gave.

Oh and if you\’re ever in Brooklyn when there\’s an Empiricist League meetup, definitely go! The organizers are geniuses at attracting amazing, world class speakers. I was honored to be included.

[pdf-embedder url=\”\” title=\”Linda Ricci – 3d pinring and the paradox of time\”]