MIT Reality Hack | Hackathon


I\’m extremely excited to have been chosen as a mentor and judge at the upcoming MIT Reality Hack, March 23-27, 2022.

Five straight days of watching students and creators come together to create XR projects – the last one (in 2020) saw 75 teams create projects that included climate change visualizations in VR, AR storyboarding tools, spatialized hashtags, VR accessibility toolkits, VR games and much more. Am curious to see what they come up with this year!

CES 2020

In a week! – I\’m going to CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas for the first time; while I\’m increasingly daunted by the sheer SIZE of the event (multiple locations, miles and miles of walking) I\’m also increasingly excited about what I\’m going to experience there. Tons of amazing talks on the future immersive tech, entertainment, healthcare, living…and AI…and…and…phew, I\’m tired already 😉

Thankfully I\’m getting a tour with David Polinchok, an industry old timer who\’s been giving tours around the floor for a few years now.

Looking forward to seeing everything and anything about AR, VR, haptics, architectural applications for VR (something I\’ve been talking about for ages), new headsets, holograms, and a million other things that have been dutifully bookmarked in their floor plan / app.

And while the large companies are pulling out all the stops (which will be a-mazing to experience), I\’m particularly interested in seeing the startup section, where the small newbie companies will be presenting what they are working on; will be good to see the trends there. Where are people putting their efforts?

I\’ll be tweeting on the way, and while I\’ve not been a dedicated Twitter user think it\’s the easiest and best way to give quick update and insights. Follow me at

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