The end of loneliness

Reposted from linkedin Heard a really sweet story today by Donna Z. Davis, Ph.D. at AWE (Augmented World Expo): she told the audience about an elderly woman with Parkinson\’s, who regularly \”meets\” her tuxedo clad physically distant son (avatar) in VR to go dancing with him. *That\’s* the power of VR for me. Not the whiz bang isn\’t …

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Reading my mind

Fascinating stuff. And, whoa. The inevitable march towards brain-computer interface continues! \”Researchers from Russian corporation Neurobotics and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have found a way to visualize a person\’s brain activity as actual images mimicking what they observe in real time. \” We are rapidly moving from keyboard and mouse input – which, …

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Is Projection Mapping Augmented Reality?

Is projection mapping augmented reality? I\’ve been mulling this over on and off since a few years ago, since being utterly mesmerized by Amon Tobin\’s projection mapping concert.  And since this made the rounds in 2015. My knee jerk reaction is – no! Upon further reflection, I\’m not so sure. It augments the real world …

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