A journalist asks: XR predictions for 2022

I was asked by a journalist to answer the question, \”What do you see as the biggest trends in AR/VR/XR in 2022?\” – and although I typically think a little further out than that, here are some of my thoughts on the matter. I took out the bits he\’s using in the article, and will post links to that when it comes out – but these are what I think some of the most important short term trends for XR will be next year.

TEDx RoseTree 2019 done and dusted!

TEDx RoseTree 2019 done! What a fabulous experience – I met so many amazing people, and thoroughly enjoyed being in the middle of the vortex of ideas and creativity. My talk \”How VR will supercharge grassroots movements\” will be posted by TED soon, and I\’ll update it here when they do. In the meantime, I\’d …

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Going to be a published author!

So my first professional book chapter\’s been officially submitted, \”Immersive Media and Branding: How being a brand will change and expand in the age of true immersion\” (could still be changed) for all those curious. It is about virtual and augmented reality, and what it will mean for brands. Among other things, I talk a …

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Panel appearance at Creative Tech Week 2017

For those who are curious…here\’s the full panel discussion exploring the future of VR and entertainment that I was a part of at Creative Tech Week 2017 back in June. Thank you to Isabel Walcott Draves and Cortney Harding for asking me to participate; it was great to be part of an event this forward thinking, …

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Ho hum: Where\’s the innovation?

Article out today on Fast Company, titled \”The Smartphone Revolution is Over.\” And I agree. In terms of form they\’ve pretty much reached the limit of the current form factor. They got small, now they\’re getting bigger, flatter, bigger screens, etc. Sure they might develop a model with a folding screen (to make it bigger again), …

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